Nigeria is a collection of different people and separate cultures thrown by the British, without consent and welded into a nation. Although many Nigerians are not keen to admit it. Tribal tensions are lie beneath the surface. The landscapes that these people have inhibited are equally varied from the coastal lands of south through the tropical belts of interior to the mountains and savannah of the North West. The coast is fringed by miles of idyllic sandy beaches, Arik Air London broken only by mangroves at those points where watercourses tickle into the sea. Back from the coast, Cheap Flights to Nigeria a maze of creeks and lagoons fans out on either side of Niger delta. It was these inland waterways which provided a means of transport into the interior before roads were built.

Farther north, the forest which produces Nigeria’s tree crops like Cocoa, palm, oil, rubber, Arik Air Baggage allowance 74kgs and hard woods which gives way to grassy park land. The land rises and past the junction of the two great rivers, the NIGER and Benue, towards the mountain holiday resorts of the central JOS PLATEU, and, Arik Airline (W3) in the east towards the steep valleys and wooded slopes of the Cameroon highlands. Cocoa, Rubber timber, groundnuts and cotton soon followed as leading export products, Cheap flights to Africa transforming the economy of Nigeria from one in which land was formed for profit. Today although the exports cocoa is the major export of Nigerian country but recently it has declined.

Several factors have conspired to produce this decline, drought and low prices to the producer fixed by the Nigerian Federal marketing board in the early 1970 were an important cause of low output. Initially, however, Arik Airline Africa the drop in revenue from crops was masked by the impact of oil. Between 1973 and 1981 the Nigeria was transformed from a rural country with an agricultural economy to one in which oil accounted for the 90- percent of revenues. Arik Air UK Some of Nigeria’s wealth has been channeled back into the country’s ailing economy due to western style development projects.

The Savannah Sugar Company was taken by the government in 1972 to 1984 it was verge on the collapse as sugar imports soared. Rice production has been increase through major development schemes. But due to appalling management problems, Arik Air on Flight Entertainments is still far from meeting domestic demands. Nigerians still follow a tribal way of life in mud-hut villages. They live in large, extended family groups, many of which produce only enough food for their own needs. Under the British, Arik Air International Nigeria’s Economy depended on the profitable export of cash crops.

As a result, by 1973 Nigeria was, after Ghana, the world’s second largest producer of cocoa. the main primary product of Nigerian are Groundnuts, cotton rubber, cocoa, maize, millet, sorghum, cassava, rice, yam, palm, kernels, livestock, timber, oil and natural gas, tin, Direct Cheap Flights to Nigeria from London coal and iron ore. Currently the major industries in Nigeria Arik Air are oil and natural gas production and refining, agriculture, mining, petrochemicals, fertilizers, motor vehicles, cement and food processing. Nigeria’s dependence on petroleum inevitably links the country’s fortunes with the fluctuations of the world oil market. In 1981, for example, when the oil price slumped, Nigeria was precipitated into recession from which it had still not recovered by 1986, Airk Airways Uk when a further fall in prices added and even greater burden to the ailing company.
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